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My name is Kitty White, but you may call me Hello Kitty! I'm a Japanese bobtail kitty from London. Feel free to talk to me anytime, I won't claw you ^_^

I post anything kawaii, Jpop and Kpop.

This is just a roleplay account. I am not the real Hello Kitty.



Amazing Korean rice cakes!  Yes, these are all made from rice of some kind! The cake is steamed rice flour and the decorations are all molded from pounded rice (aka mochi in Japanese or tteok in Korean)

More info about them + even more pics up on the blog~  WWW. CUTE IN KOREA .COM  Totally going to give this a try sometime ♥

(Source: whybray)

➥ Kitty is back ^_^

I miss Dear Daniel

➥ Kitty is listening to AKB48 ^_^

What are you all doing?